Youtube Player for Windows 10


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  • Publisher:  T.O.K.
  • Category:  Video
  • Age rating:  16+
  • Processors:  x86, x64, ARM
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With the Youtube Player for Windows 8 you can search, watch a stream, share videos and access your personal content from Youtube. Everything included in the great user interface of Windows 8.
Privacy statement:
Dear user
we respect your privacy. We don't collect any information about you, your favorites, watched videos, search key's, position or IP.

We simply save for statistics THAT somebody is using our app. Therefore we don't collect specific information which could say us or somebody else, that YOU used our app.

When you connect the app with your Youtube/Google-Account, your username and a code will be saved, which allows access to your personal content. This code is saved local and couldn't be readout or encroached somehow.

Please notice that with using the Google-service 'YouTube', your personal data could be used by them.-->

Terms of use:
We explicitly point out, that this application is an unofficial YouTube client to watch YouTube videos!

The developer is not responsible for the provided and displayed content.

By using this application, you agree to the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy.
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